Close With Grace

“Sometimes in life we see such horrific things. The world eats at our souls and sometimes you feel like you will lose control of your happiness.  My series started when I woke up one morning from a dream.  A dream that this world was filled with so much compassion, love, kindness, but most of all grace.  Grace surrounded everyone’s hearts and we all loved in a way where there was no suffering.  That dream made me realize that at times life suffocates our dreams.  It sits so heavily on our hearts and weighs at our minds.  We all are surrounded by grief at times and that is okay.  Life would not be so fulfilling if we didn’t know the opposite of happiness. However, how do we overcome this?  How do we fade the terror out?  How do we keep our children safe?  How do we teach them such love?  So many questions, but no answers…  My answer is this.  Fuel your children with their dreams.. When the times are rough look at them and grab their hands and speak the words “close with grace my sweet angel.”  Have them dream about anything and everything.  This may be only for a few minutes or even a few seconds.  No matter the time show them that grace will give them those innocent moments of peace.  Show them that there is kindness and that you will forever grab their hand and remind them of these words.   Remind each other everyday that we are surrounded in grace.   At times the burdens feel like they may break us, and they traumatize our hearts.  In those moments of such pain, close those eyes so softly.  Surround yourself, your family and your life in grace.  I awake in the morning from my dreams and I fulfill my dream every single day.  I run as fast as I possibly can and when my heart aches that I’m behind I close with grace and just breathe.  Remind your children to dream, to fly and to live.  To live with grace and remember that life is about where you find the grace.. So for now… I remind you all.  Close with grace my little angels and dream big..”

© 2015 Kathleen Peachey Photography Photography LLC



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