JANUARY 27TH, 2016 | We all have a story


We all have a story. We all have wisdom that needs to be expressed and shared. We all feel alone at times and look for something to comfort us. We all have a dream. One of my dreams has always been to inspire others through grace, love, laughter and bravery.  To inspire the truth. To find the good in the sadness and to find the great in the happiness.  Our souls can be exhausted by this world and our hearts can become so overwhelmed with the burdens, but we must continue to fight. I am not a writer, but I am a dreamer of words. A dreamer of imagery. A dreamer of inspiration. A dreamer of grace. A dreamer of hope.  I am a flawed human that is just trying to live and breathe in this life like everyone else.  I am trying to find what my purpose is.  I am trying to find why I have this extremely huge heart that longs for her legacy.  I continue to fight to find my existence and try and discover everything God wants me to offer this world.  I believe that sometimes there are pieces of your existence gently placed in your hands.  My gift to capture life is one of them.  My gift to photograph people and reveal their hearts is one of my gifts that I was gracefully given.  In life we can feel so lost at moments, in those moments I hope that someone can inspire you to get back up, to keep running, to keep trying, to keep loving and to keep fighting.  I believe that everyone has a story.  Everyone has something beautiful to share with the world that might save someone.  When I first started to write this I told my mom, “that I don’t have an important story to share”.  She told me “you have a story Kathleen. Everyone has a story and that is what makes everyone different and beautiful.”  My story is still nowhere finished, actually I feel like I may just be beginning mine, but the wisdom I gain from the pain, love, grace and fear is what molds me into this human.  I am a very sensitive human and artist.  My heart aches for the world when there is sadness and my soul yearns for those I cannot reach and help daily.  I believe that part of my story is to be here and share my grace.  To lend a hand when someone is in need, hold a hand when someone is falling, and lend a smile when I see sadness in their eyes.  My story is like a book, each chapter filled with new people, new hopes, new fears, and new lessons.  My story is a little lost at times.  I am a woman who believes in being brave, and being filled with grace.  My story is filled with beautiful imagery that sometimes I cannot believe is from my own hands.  I cannot believe that I was born with a gift to freeze such precious moments.  Life is mine to document, and to spread happiness to everyone I meet.  My story is not an exact piece of wisdom I can tell you or share with you, but this is my first chapter.  My first chapter of letting go and being brave, while sharing who I am.   To be a great artist you must let the fear out and the rest will inspire you to create.  We are all living humans filled with grace.  We must be courageous to let go of the fear and embrace what we feel we must do.  After all, in this life we need as much grace and love as we possibly can find.

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